Shadows of Zerimar

Where you are now

At this exact moment you are all on your way out of the cargo hold and on to the med bay. you have just put the Thresher back in its casket after having a very interesting conversation with Ka’Wrath by means of a cybernetic implant. Tegwin got impaled and proceeded to fail at fainting. The Wookie, Nag’urra, ended up helping her out of that potentially lethal situation, while the Doctor prevented a neuro-toxin from making your chief engineer brain dead sooner than normal…

As she is being carried off Isildris Tar recites some pithy quotes that inspire all to higher achievement.

Oh and “Suppressing Fire!”-Gurney Darklight

This brings us to the most current part of our campaign.

The Story so far...
A long time ago in a living room far, far away...

It all began on an artificial asteroid created by a Race of beings known as the Zerimar. You were imprisoned there and met up with several companions that eventually aided you in Escaping the complex with a ship.

On the way out you met up with a former Imperial Moff named Tethis. Hoping to regain his Status, An imperial Commander named Nils Harper who “killed” his wife Catherine, and an Imperial Lieutenant name Benson Kortu who was found to be cybernetically enhanced with his own agenda.

As time went on this group of adventurers grew and came to number 14! As time wore on however this group slowly dwindled to a more modest 10 or so…

The RIng space station, ruled over by a Cyborg Trandoshan name Ka’Wrath, became their home for a time, as well as a great way to make money extorting the populace by scamming medical experiments on them.

In one adventure they find themselves in the Underworks of the Ring and find out there are some places where it pays to be quiet…

Ka’Wrath then proposes a deal with them to take a fleet of ships to defeat the Zerimar. The Council of Six rings approves it and the fleet heads out.


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